POSE Certified Instruction

Spencer Conklin is a POSE Certified Triathlon instructor. The certification assures you that you are receiving instruction from the best. Spencer has successfully trained hundreds of people in the POSE method and is one of the few certified triathlon coaches in the country.


  • Marvin Jansen

    Today I completed 5 miles in 44:40! This is my first run in six weeks. I felt comfortable with the pose technique. I am very pleased that I have no pain. I am grateful for the coaching you provided in your clinic.

  • Kary Daily

    "My knees feel great. I am glad to know that the calf pain will go away. I forgot to tell you that there were a couple of hills today and they were nothing. I wasn't even winded. So cool. You are a great coach and I think you have a promising future teaching others the POSE technique. I saw a ton of people today who could use your help."

  • Heather Purvis

    The POSE Clinic helped improve my 10k time by two minutes! I highly recommend taking the time to learn a more efficient way to run. Spencer can show you how!"”

  • Mark Baumann

    As soon as I left the clinic I was too excited to do anything else except try out the Pose method and go for a run. I started easy and went for a one mile jog… which got extended to 1.5 miles because I was having too much fun to stop after just a mile. The running felt effortless and easy and I barely broke a sweat. No knee pain either.

  • Carol Farmer

    I ran the Capitol 10k in Austin, a month ago (Sunday, March 25th). My time was 1:22. I ran the Wildflower 10k in Fredericksburg this morning — my time was 1:12!!!! A full 10 minute reduction in my time!!”

  • Lori Doyle

    "I am so excited that you showed me a new way to run! After all these years of banging the pavement, I am amazed that I now feel like I am defying gravity with lightness in my stride and minimal contact with the ground. I hope that all runners will take time to try the POSE technique. It's simply amazing how it has positively affected the speed, recovery and joy in my running."