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Monthly archive for July 2013

This is a hysterical take on running. Truly a “must read” for you runners…..

This is a hysterical take on running.  Truly a "must read" for you runners.....

I love  “the wall”  description.  I also love the story about running in Japan (towards the end) so keep reading the whole thing,

A fabulous cartoon about benefits and challenges of running. This person did not take my clinic!




Example of running clinic results

Example of running clinic results

Recently I taught Emily Talley of the Naturally Fit sports news channel how to run correctly.

It was a brief lesson but she caught on quickly and seemed to enjoy .

Take a look at this before and after video.  In a clinic you will receive the same coaching and video analysis to help you perfect your stride and take it to the next level.  Can you see the difference??


Emily Talley learns to run from Spencer of – Before And After video shot from Spencer Conklin on Vimeo.

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